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Affirmations Comics for Mental Health

Grab your own physical merch or send friends / loved ones a positive boost pretty much anywhere in India that India Post/ Speed Post delivers! Note: All proceeds are being used to keep our site and creative series going and to pay artists; this art made available by the wonderful Ishita Mehra and Adwaita Das. […]

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Choose to Make Compassionate Connections

Affirmations Art

By Adwaita Das Loneliness can be a need for more compassion. We are allowed to choose who is in our lives. We are allowed to surround ourselves with loving relationships of all kinds. Just as the flowers bloom with nourishment, so too the humans blossom with support and understanding. Let us open ourselves to creating connections […]

Talking mental health

Dealing with Life during COVID-19: My Journey Through Depression

Mental Health Voices

Depression can leave you feeling wrecked, worthless and entirely alone – an invisible illness, it can be hard for loved ones to pick up on what you are going through. In this post, a university student shares some of her journey on dealing with Depression during Covid-19.